A neighborhood in far West Temple saw a commotion in the middle of the night.

A homeowner caught a 19-year-old man snooping through his car and held him at gunpoint for police.

Channel 6 spoke with the homeowner and neighbor who helped him through the whole ordeal.

Neighbors in the neighborhood, located near the 1100 of Daffodil Drive is consisted of mostly current or former military families and is normally very quiet.

Matt Skelton said when he was getting ready for bed, he checked his security cameras one last time - that is when he saw someone in his ford expedition.

At the time, without hesitation he said he grabbed his gun and ran outside to "get him to stop".

After Skelton's neighbor came out to help hold him for police, Skeleton set off his house alarm to call police.

Temple PD identified the suspect as 19-year-old Jaime Hernandez-Ortiz who remains in the Bell County Jail at this hour on $2,500 bond.

Skelton, who retired from the Military said while he didn't't hesitate to confront the suspect, he's glad it never escalated and he never had to defend himself.

"You don't wanna have to shoot a kid you know," Skelton said. "and he wasn't a kid, he was 19 so that didn't matter.

Skelton said he was hoping he didn't have to do anything he was going to have to live with.

Before arriving at Skelton's home, Ortiz had stolen items from vehicles belonging to at least two neighbors.

This is another in what Temple Police has said is an increase in car burglaries. They encourage everyone to make sure their doors are locked when they go inside their homes.