According to a newly released report by the American Lung Association the state of Texas is failing to implement enough effective policies to prevent and reduce tobacco use.

The report titled, "State of Tobacco Control" documents the progress and failures of states and the federal government and assigns grades based on whether laws protect Americans from the enormous health toll tobacco use takes on the life and the economy.

On all analyzed levels Texas received Grade F on implementing laws to reduce tobaccos use and save lives though it was not the only state to receive a poor grade. The report shows that most states as well as the federal government are not doing all that they can. Texas remains among 22 states that have not passed any comprehensive smoke free laws.

Executive director of the American Lung Association in Texas, Katie Jones said it was long past time for the state to pass a smoker workplace law.

"No one should have to face the harmful effects of secondhand smoke to earn a paycheck," Jones said.

28 states have passed smoke free workplace laws, though no state passed the law in the year of 2016 and only one state has passed any related legislation since 2011.

Jones urges Texas citizens to contact their elected officials and fight the missing legislation that could save lives.

"We must demand that Texas elected officials urgently act to implement these proven policies that will save lives and prevent tobacco-caused death and disease," she said.