LONGWOOD, FL – You could say a black bear in Florida is very thankful for a garage door left open and for a freezer packed full of food!

Mike Chindamo said he never expected to find a huge black bear in his garage but that’s exactly what happened.
Chindamo said he heard a noise in his garage after his dog started barking.

That’s when he said to his wife Claudia, “Why did you leave the freezer door open?” But just as he spoke those words, a huge black bear weighing more than 400 lbs. emerged from the freezer.

Chindamo said the bear went straight for the ice cream and the zucchini cakes that his wife makes. He was surprised the bear was less than impressed with all the fish in the freezer.

He also said he couldn’t believe how the bear unscrewed the lid to the jar of ice cream.

Police arrived and then sounded a horn to scare the bear away. The bear ran through a metal fence before disappearing.

We know for sure by the video the bear looked like it was happy helping itself to cake and ice cream, could you blame it? A pre-thanksgiving meal fit for a bear!

We just hope the zucchini cakes Claudia made were not for Thanksgiving Day!