(KCEN) – It was a terrifying night for many Troy students and their parents after an 18-wheeler crashed into a school bus.

The accident happened around 9p.m. Thursday night when the bus carrying the Troy eighth grade football team was headed home from a football game against Salado. Police say the bus was just a mile from the Troy Middle School when they were traveling west into the intersection of Main Street and I-35 in Troy.

As the bus entered the intersection, police say an 18-wheeler going southbound on the I-35 access road ran a flashing red light, and smashed into the front left side of the bus.

"It was kind of a worse nightmare to get that call, and wonder what you're going to find on the scene," Troy ISD Superintendent Neil Jeter said. "Your mind races to a whole array of possibilities. My concern was the health and safety of our students."

First responders were on the scene just minutes after the accident, and community members stopped what they were doing to help get the children off the bus. A triage center was set up at the First Baptist Church just yards from where the accident happened.

Both coaches on the bus and 11 students were taken by ambulance to the hospital. Others were taken to the hospital by their parents just to make sure they were alright.

"The bulk of the injuries just seem to be bumps and bruises. I did hear there was at least one concussion, a minor dislocation and some hair line fractures," Jeter said.

The coaches and some of the students stayed at home on Friday, but they are expected back at school on Monday. Jeter says the eighth grade football team still has three games left this year, and they are looking into whether they need to make some schedule changes.

Police say the driver of the 18-wheeler was insured, and he was cited for disregarding the blinking red light.

Update: October 17, 2013, 9:45 p.m. -- The bus involved was a Troy ISD bus. There were 20 people injured. Six were taken to the hospital with non life threatening injuries. The bus was carrying an 8th grade football team on their way back from Salado. Stay with KCEN-HD News for the latest updates.

(KCEN) -- BREAKING NEWS: Emergency crews are on the scene of a school bus vs 18-wheeler crash in Troy. At this point it is unclear exactly how many people are injured. A triage unit is being set up nearby. We'll have the latest on KCEN HD News at 10.