The Chicago Cubs beat out the Cleveland Indians Wednesday night for their first World Series win in 108 years.

Lifelong Cubs fan and actor Bill Murray has been there to witness the historic games and his reaction to their win after the incredible 10 innings was priceless.

Murray took to honking the horn of MVP Ben Zobrist's new car and then fled to the locker room to portray his latest character, a Fox Sports reporter. The superfan was then given a bottle of champagne which was shot in his face in which he took two enormous pulls from.

Here are some highlights from Twitter of Murray's gloriously celebrating the Cubs win.

Bill Murray can't believe it

Bill Murray is having some fun with Ben Zobrist's car!

Bill Murray interviews and celebrates with the Cobs' Dexter Fowler

Bill Murray interviews and celebrates with Cubs President Theo Epstein

Kerry Wood hands Bill Murray a bottle of champagne.