Former Baylor football head coach Art Briles was on the Cleveland Browns practice field Wednesday as a guest of Browns coach Hue Jackson.

Jackson told the press that he brought Briles to the practice as his guest.

"I have gotten to know Coach Briles. He is a tremendous offensive-minded football coach. I’m always looking at different ways of doing things and preparing things," Jackson said.

When asked if he was comfortable with the circumstances surrounding Briles' departure from Baylor, Jackson said, "What happened at Baylor is at Baylor."

"I respect everybody’s feelings and I don’t condone anything or not, but that is not for me to judge," Jackson said. "The opportunity to pick his brain and to have him be around and talk to him and get to know him outside of all of that in a different capacity was what was important to me."

Jackson was not specific about how long or in what capacity Briles would be working with the team, but said that he would not be there for a long time.

"The guy is a tremendous offensive mind. I think we all recognize that. If we recognize nothing else, he is that so just to learn some other things and hear some other things that I wanted to know and understand a little bit better I think is what this is truly all about," Jackson said.

Four former Baylor players are currently with the Browns- quarterback Robert Griffin III, wide receiver Corey Coleman, wide receiver Josh Gordon and offensive lineman Spencer Drango. Gordon is currently suspended, Griffin is on the injured roster and Coleman is out with a broken hand.