Former Baylor quarterback Seth Russell medically retired from football due to a fractured ankle, he told Channel 6 on Monday.

Russell sustained the ankle injury against Oklahoma in Nov. of the 2016 season. The former quarterback underwent ankle surgery a week after the Oklahoma matchup, but issues from the ankle lingered.

"There was definitely something going on with my ankle," Russell said. "I wasn’t able to push away from center. My footwork was terrible, basically just because I have nerve damage in it. The muscles weren’t firing the way that they needed to. I saw a few doctors and did some nerve tests, and (the tests) all came out the same."

Russell said the decision to retire was not an easy, but in the end was the right decision for him and his family.

"(The decision has) been lingering a little bit -- thinking about the opportunities ahead in my life," Russell said. "It was a tough decision. (Doctors) said ‘it would be a year to two-year process of the ankle recovering and where you’re at right now, it may get better or it may not get better.’ I’ve made the decision, I’m happy with what I’ve done on my life, and I’m ready to move on."

Looking at his career in retrospect, Russell said he loved and appreciated his tenure at Baylor University. He sat for three years and learned behind Nick Florence and Bryce Petty, then started his final two seasons at Baylor.

In his career, Russell passed for 60 touchdowns, threw 18 interceptions and rushed for 20 touchdowns.

Russell also gave Channel 6 a message for Baylor nation.

"There is so much I would say to them – all positive," Russell said. "I appreciate the support that everyone has given me. It’s been some tough couple years. They're one of the main reasons why I work so hard is because I wanted to make them happy. I knew (Baylor fans) were behind us 110 percent no matter what happened. The overwhelming support after the injuries -- after everything -- was… I mean I don’t know what to say."

Russell has started the next chapter in his life: looking for a job. Russell told Channel 6 football is a huge component in his life and would like to pursue coaching.

While the Baylor star's future remains unclear, what is clear is where his heart lies.

"That’s a great question," Russell replied when asked if he'd be seen on the Baylor sidelines. "I’d be more than happy just to be back at Baylor University – it doesn’t matter who I’m under or what coach I’m with. I’d love to represent Baylor, itself, or at a high school, whatever the case may be."