Have you Heard? A story of friends turned brothers
Author: Jessica Morrey
Published: 10:07 PM CDT August 3, 2017
Updated: 11:05 PM CDT August 3, 2017
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If you drive too fast down highway 84, you just might miss Teague, Texas.

A town of only about 3,500 people including two brothers who plan to make it a household name.

Teague Defensive Back Tyrese Heard said it is an honor to be playing for the Teague Lions.

“There’s a lot of good people who came through Teague and been Teague Lion players and did something in life,” Tyrese said. “and I just want to be remembered as a Teague Lion.”

His brother Antonio said he just wants to do the best for Teague and his family name.

The Heard name is well known in Teague, mainly thanks to Antonio and Tyrese, two brothers who were brought together not by blood, but by football.

For Tyrese, family was not always part of the game plane.

“You know it wasn’t the best but it was something to work with,” Tyrese said. “I figured when I was living in that home, the only goal I have is to make it out.”


Have you Heard? A story of friends turned brothers

Chapter 1

Keep my mind right – stay out of trouble – play football

Sports was a way out for Tyrese.

Little did Tyrese know, the way out was just a few towns over. With the help of peewee football, Antonio and Tyrese became best friends and with the help of their dad, Ron Heard.

“I’ve got the two best sons any man could ask for,” Ron said.

With a good heart, they’d soon become family.

Antonio said two years after they became friends, he told his father he wishes Tyrese could be adopted by their family.

“He[Ron] was like I don’t care, let’s do it,” Antonio said.

Tyrese said it all just came out of nowhere. He said one day Antonio asked him if he wanted to live with his family.

“I was like ‘yes’ it’s an opportunity to have another brother at cares about you and a family that cares about you that’s willing to take you in after your life has been hard,” Tyrese said. “things I went through and they just there and it was an honor to be a part of this family.”

Tyrese officially became a member of the Heard family in the seventh grade and since then, he and Antonio have been a force to be reckoned with on the Gridiron.

“it’s almost like a movie,” Ron said. “It’s been a wild ride but it’s been fun and to see them on the field together, man I just smile.”

There’s been a lot of smiling going on in the Heard household lately. Antonio and Tyrese will be seniors this season and have already racked up multiple division one offers. They not only have the opportunity to play in college together but Also the chance to be the first members of the heard family to earn college degrees.

“I knew we had the ability, but I didn’t think it’s become real,” Antonio said. “because Teague is just a little town and you never really see people go big from down here.”

Tyrese said it is every kid’s dream and not many people get that opportunity.

Chapter 2

God did that. The man above did that.

Tyrese said people around Freestone and Limestone will remember the Heards.

“As we go to college and then we live our lives it’ll be very special,” Tyrese said.

Teague, Texas, where friends become family under the Friday night lights.