After the Texas A&M Aggies 34-point collapse against UCLA on Sunday, university regent Tony Buzbee published a Facebook status calling for the firing of Head Coach Kevin Sumlin.

The Facebook status reads:

I'm sure I may be criticized for this post but I honestly don't care. I've been on the Board of Regents for the A&M System for almost seven years. During that time, I've not once commented on Kevin Sumlin and his performance during his tenure at our school. I never said a word when he and his agent manipulated a much bigger and longer contract. I said nothing about his arrogance and his mishandling of multiple player controversies. I said nothing when we had multiple awesome recruiting classes, only to see key players leave our school or underperform. But tonight I am very disappointed and I have to say this. Kevin Sumlin was out-coached tonight, which isn't new. He recruits well, but can't coach the big games, or the close games. Our players were better tonight. Our players were more talented tonight. But our coaches were dominated on national TV, yet again. I'm only one vote on the Board of Regents but when the time comes my vote will be that Kevin Sumlin needs to GO. In my view he should go now. We owe it to our school and our players. We can do better.
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The statement comes after Texas A&M let up a 44-10 lead against the Bruins with just over two minutes left in the third quarter.

Four passing touchdowns in the fourth quarter from UCLA quarterback Josh Rosen lifted the Bruins over the Aggies 45-44.

Kevin Sumlin is 44-22 in his tenure at Texas A&M.