Drivers should expect delays on the State Highway 7/FM 107 bridge in Eddy.

Construction crews set up detours Wednesday morning to allow for pavement construction and the eventual demolishing and rebuilding of the bridge.

"It will be more than twice as wide as the existing bridge is," TxDOT Spokesperson Jodi Wheatley said. "Traffic flow through the Bruceville area will be much better."

Construction is expected to last 1-2 months.

TxDOT said the closure would not affect the I-35 main lanes.


For drivers crossing the bridge from the east

Traffic headed east across the bridge will now turn south onto the southbound frontage road and drive to Old Blevins Road, where drivers will be able to continue east or join I-35 northbound.

For drivers crossing the bridge from the west

Westbound motorists will be diverted right at the northbound frontage road intersection and be forced to go north to the new North Eddy Drive crossing before turning back south and having the choice of continuing west or joining I-35 southbound.

For northbound drivers on the frontage road

Northbound motorists wishing to turn left onto FM 107 will be detoured to the North Eddy intersection, where they will turn back south and then west onto FM 107.

For southbound drivers on the frontage road

Southbound motorists on the frontage road will be allowed to drive south across FM 108 to join the I-35 main lanes. They will also have the option to turn east or west onto FM 107.

Additional Alert

Drivers will be unable to enter Eagle Drive from the access road north of the new North Eddy crossing. However, traffic driving north from Bruceville-Eddy will be allowed to exit at Eagle Drive onto the southbound access road.

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