Janie Franklin lost her home and her possessions when catastrophic flooding hit southeast Texas, but when she set out to Temple, it was for more than just dry ground.

Janie Franklin did not picture giving birth to her second child the way it happened.

"We're just going day by day right now," Franklin said.

Franklin was one of the thousands of people forced to evacuate their homes when Hurricane Harvey made landfall.

"It's the scariest feeling in the world because you're on the road and you're like what if my water breaks," Franklin said.

Franklin arrived in Temple with time to spare, as she waited for her child to arrive.

Central Texans embraced Franklin, and threw a baby shower for her big day.

"The community is really nice," Franklin said. "The fact that they just stepped up the way they did made a huge impact."

Friday morning, the moment came. Hundreds of miles away from home, Franklin welcomed her son into the world.

She said the birth was a moment she'll never forget.

Jordan Harris was born at nine pounds and thirteen ounces, and so far, he hasn't given his mother any trouble.

"Overall, he's been a good baby so far," Franklin said. "He likes to sleep a lot and he eats so much."

Franklin and her baby boy still face an uncertain road in front of them. Sunday, they will leave the hospital, but do not have a home to return to.

The Houston home remains under water, ceasing the life Franklin has in Brazoria County for the time being.

"It makes you nervous because you want to be able to take him home, not a hotel," Franklin said.

Officials originally told Franklin returning home was a valid option, until more water flooded into her house.

So, the Brazoria County evacuee will have to stay in Central Texas for a little while longer. Her story is one of thousands of evacuees whose lives were forever changed by Harvey's wrath.

But like so many others, Franklin must adjust and move forward.

"You go day-by-day, put god first and just suck it up," Franklin said.

Now, there is one more reason -- one more blessing -- to do so.