With Harvey's floodwaters now receding, Texans are starting to make their way back home to asses the damage.

Beaumont residents impacted by the storm said they're doing their best to make it through these trying times.

Southeast Texans are left to pick up the pieces Sunday after Hurricane Harvey ripped through their community.

Harvey's floodwaters destroyed homes across Beaumont. The journey for Beaumont residents will be long before they can return to life as they knew it.

For brothers Leo and Elizar Torres, this week has been a trying one. Harvey turned their roads into lakes and then headed for their home.

"It was bad," Leo Torres said. "It was just a lot of water, we thought we were going to float, too."

As the water receded, the Torres family made their way back home, and they're not alone. Their next door neighbors, the rest of the street and much of the Fannett community spent Sunday salvaging what they could from their former lives.

"I can't... I don't... it's like complete helplessness, just despair I mean you name it... just you're lost," Robby Saurage said.

The Saurage family moved to Beaumont nine months ago, and have to start all over.

"You're completely helpless," Saurage said "It's almost surreal like is this really happening to me."

But the Beaumont people are fighters, and said it will take more than some water to keep them down.

"Be patient and I mean we're going to recover and it's going take a slow process but we can do it," Leo Torres said.

Several cars lined the streets with residents anxious to see what's left of their homes. The residents said they're counting on loved ones, the community and a higher power to see them through.