7-yr-old with Brain Tumor Hopes to Finish Wish List

(KCEN) – There's no denying little seven-year-old Jayln Martin has a beautiful smile. It's a smile that hasn't faded even through the worst of times.

"She's always smiling, and if we're crying she's like why are you crying mom? It's just a tumor…so what it's growing bigger," Jayln's mother Kristi said as she fought back tears.

Back in February doctors found a tumor in Jayln's brain. It was stage four cancer, and doctors only gave the little girl six to 12 months to live. Still Jayln's smile remained big.

In July Kristi and her husband received good news. The tumor was getting smaller. But just this week she received a devastating blow. The tumor had grown bigger than it was the day they had discovered it. "At that point it just felt like my whole world was crashing down on me," Kristi said. "But I've never known somebody that could be so strong... Not the way she is."

Fearing that Jayln may only have a few more months left to share her smile, Kristi sat down with her to make something very special. Sprawled out on the living room floor, the two made a wish list.

"Honestly when I was writing that list out I thought I'd be the crappiest mother if I couldn't fulfill all her dreams because she's just a little girl," Kristi cried. "But then I thought to myself that I wouldn't because I've already given her as much as I can. I knew she would never be upset if she couldn't have everything she wanted." 

So what's on this list? No, there are no wishes of fancy cars, big houses or off the wall wishes. "You know, just simple things a little seven year old would want," Kristi said.

At the top, a trip to Corpus Christi to see the beach, hunt for sand dollars and hermit crabs and to see an aquarium. That dream will come true next week. In two weeks she'll meet the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders. Another dream that came true was getting a pet bearded dragon lizard.

What's the little critter's name? Uncle Si, which brings us to her biggest wish. The little girl wants to meet the cast of Duck Dynasty. "She loves them so much," Kristi said. "She really wants to see Uncle Si."

Kristi says she wouldn't mind making a trip to Louisiana to put an even brighter smile on her daughter's face to meet the crew.

But even if she doesn't get to meet her role models, Kristi says you won't hear any complaints from Jayln.

"She's the most amazing little girl in the world, and I couldn't ask for anything better and I know God gave her to me for a reason," Kristi cried. "He put her here for a reason, and it was to let people know that no matter what, you can get through life."

And through it all Jayln will continue to smile.  If you would like to help make her dreams listed below come true you can make donations by (clicking here.)


Meet Duck Dynasty

Turn bathroom into Duck Dynasty theme

Get bearded dragon – Done (named Uncle Si)

Trip to Corpus Christi – Scheduled

Find sand dollars and hermit crabs – Scheduled

Go to a huge fish aquarium – Scheduled

Meet Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders – Scheduled

Go to the biggest zoo ever – Scheduled

Swim with dolphins

Go to Jellystone Park to meet Yogi Bear

Go camping for the first time

Go to Hawaii

Go to Dubai where family members live

Meet Justin Beiber and go to a concert

Meet One Direction and go to a concert

Own every pair of Bobs

Own all the Lalaoopsy dolls


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