Baylor Students Clean Up West

Over 3,000 Baylor University students spent Saturday giving back to the community.

The "Steppin' Out" community service event takes place twice a year. Students sent to West had plenty of cleaning up to do, including raking and weeding.

Student volunteer Sarahbelle Phillips said she wouldn't want to be anywhere else.

"We should be here instead of Waco, because while there is a lot to do there, there's just so much going on and so much rubble right now," Phillips said. "They need our help."

Wayne Crumpton of First Baptist Church in West was their supervisor for the day. He happens to be a Baylor alumni himself...and he says giving back is just the Baylor way.

"We were always doing things for people, going out and painting...and some of the sororities and clubs now do that," Crumpton said.

Students at his site on Davis Street spent the day clearing debris so that an 86-year-old woman who once lived there can rebuild her home.

The group managed to have a little fun along the way, laughing and joking with each other while still getting the work done.

"I've already learned a lot about these kids right here,"  Crumpton said. "They have fun, but they're doing a lot of work. They've moved a lot of materials off of this lot...and it's just been a good day."

For the students, the day is about more than just giving back to other people. It's about the memories and experience they gain in return.

"We build friendships and we get to know what else is out there instead of just being in our little Baylor bubble," Phillips said.

The Baylor University "Steppin' Out" day is one of the biggest college-based community service events in the country.

Student volunteers ended the day with a block party that included food, live music and games to celebrate service.


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