Cold Front Blows Into ACL Day 2

(KXAN) - Thousands of music lovers were back on the Zilker Lawn enjoying Day-2 of the ACL music Festival.

 A cold front blew into Austin on Saturday dropping temperatures into the 60's, but concert-goers say they enjoyed the cool down.

 "I'm wearing my kimono I'm prepared I knew it was supposed to get cold today, so I'm wearing my cardigan," said Brianna Fuller, visiting from San Antonio.

 Earlier in the day rumors were flying on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter about a possible ACL appearance from Senator Wendy Davis. but Davis never showed up.

 Representatives for the senator said their tentative plan was for Davis to introduce the band, Kings of Leon around 8:00 p.m.


Out on the Zilker lawn for day 2, ACL fans listened to musical performances from bands and artists like Kendrick Lamar, The Cure, Wilco, and Kings of Leon.

The weather for day 2 started off with warm temperatures, so some festival goers were actually excited for the cold front to come through.

 Every year some fans go the extra mile to get inside the action, working dirty jobs so the shows go as smooth as possible.

 At ACL when the toilet paper in the port-a-potties run out, Jerry Mckay is there to refill, but that's not all his job entails.

 "Last night this lady dropped her wedding ring in one of the toilets, and she wanted me to go try to find it so I just looked around, I didn't touch anything but I couldn't find her ring," said Jerry.

 But if you think that stinks, Jerry had to work day 2 of ACL cleaning port-a-potties on his 21st birthday.

 Once ACL crowds found out about Jerry's birthday the dollars starting pouring in from potty users with somewhat of a guilty conscience.

 "I think that's so sad," said ACL attendee Tara Stanislaus. "Don't make him clean potties on his 21st come on he needs a shot and a beer chaser and everything will be good."

 But Jerry isn't down in the dumps about his gig on his birthday.

 "I listen to free music all day, why not," said Jerry.

 Concerts out on the Zilker Lawn wrapped up around 10:30 p.m., and cleaning crews quickly began picking up trash to prepare for day 3.


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