Sugar Land woman said she fought for her murdered grandson

A Sugar Land woman is speaking for the first time about the brutal murder of her 2-year-old grandson in Louisiana.

SUGAR LAND, TEXAS - A Sugar Land woman is speaking out for the first time about the brutal murder of her 2-year-old grandson.

Timothy Thompson’s body was found in a shallow grave under the Huey P. Long Bridge in New Orleans last month.

Onterio Thompson and Gabrielle Whittington are charged with killing him.

Laverne Thompson is the boy’s grandmother.  She says she began to fear something was wrong a while back. She even called CPS, but despite pictures that show a possibly malnourished Timothy, he was never removed from the home.

A few weeks ago, Thompson became even more suspicious when her son kept lying about where Timothy was. Not long after, detectives found her grandson's badly decomposed body.

"I feel like I couldn't breathe," said Thompson. "I felt like my life stopped, to this day I feel the same way. I fought for him. Having my son accused of this hurts, but on the other hand, I will never cover up for him, take up for him, lie for him, make it easy for him. I can’t. Morally, spiritually, I just can’t. I will not. Justice needs to be served for my grandbaby."

The couple had three other children, but they are now safe and sound with their grandmother in Sugar Land. She was awarded custody after her son's arrest.

"I just want to provide for them and allow them to be children, and to see what it is to be loved," said Thompson.

Thompson says she'll spoil her grandkids as much as she can. As for her own son, Thompson says what he did is unforgivable. She hopes as the legal process plays out, she'll learn why they did this to an innocent baby boy.


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