EXCLUSIVE: First Interview With Bikers Involved in Twin Peaks Shooting

Waco Bikers: "They Made Us Feel Like Animals"

WACO -- KCEN got an exclusive interview with the first bikers to speak publicly after the Twin Peaks shooting, capturing the moments right after their release from jail after being arrested for the May 17th shooting that left nine bikers dead and 18 more injured.

Waco Police had said the 170-plus bikers arrested were part of criminal motorcycle gangs. However, William English, 33, and Morgan English, 30, say otherwise, and that they had come to the sports bar for a friendly meeting between motorcycle clubs, and they weren't even inside the restaurant when the brawl broke out.

The husband and wife from Brenham who celebrate their four year anniversary in September, have never spent more than a few days apart, but were forced to spend 16 of them away from each other, and away from the world.

"He's my rock, he's my everything and not having him there was so hard," said Morgan English, suspect and biker wife arrested in the Twin Peaks shooting.

Strength is the only good thing the English's say has come out of their time in jail.

"This whole thing is a sham," said William English, suspect and member of the Distorted Motorcycle Club. "I'm kind of upset that we had to pay to get out of jail when we did nothing wrong."

Mr. English said he was at the wrong place at the wrong time. English said he came to twin peaks on that Sunday afternoon for a monthly meeting of the Confederation of Clubs to talk about legislation coming out of Austin for Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, but he didn't make that meeting before violence did.

"We didn't even get to where we could see around the corner of the building when firing started," said Mr. English. "We heard 2-3 distinct small arm fires, and we took off around to the back side of the building and after that I started hearing rapid succession of assault rifle fire."

"All the sudden I see a sea of people running towards me and we run around the building," said Ms. English.

The couple says they never saw the melee, they were just trying to keep stay away from it. Mr. English is a former marine.

"He grabs me and pins me up against the wall. He just had me completely shielded and protected," said Ms. English.

"I was trying to hear where the shooters were so we didn't run into the gunfire," said Mr. English.

After it calmed down, law enforcement stepped in.

"There was someone just a couple guys down from me shot in the stomach and we're worried about him but the cops kept saying get down, get down," aid Ms. English. "You have all these guns in your face, you're gonna listen."

Next came the body search: being one of the few females arrested, Morgan says this was one of the worst parts.

"It was just violating having to be searched in front of all these men," said Ms. English.

She said her and her husband had no weapons except a pocket knife and a vest ornament considered a chain.

"That was one of the 300-some weapons right there," said Mr. English.

After being searched, the Englishs were taken to the McLennan County Jail.

"They didn't ask you know 'are you innocent?', 'what happened?', they just arrested all of us," said Ms. English.

The couple was separated: one was at the Highway 6 Jail, the other at the Jack Harwell Detention Center next door. The two were not allowed to communicate.

"I'm sitting here in my head like, 'I did nothing wrong, why are you treating me the same way as some of these women who committed horrible crimes?'" said Ms. English.

Both claim their innocence, but they're worried about public perception

"Both my wife and I are presumed guilty until innocent, which is not the way our due process should be, we should be innocent until proven guilty," said Mr. English.

Their family and friends are so sure of their innocence, they started a campaign online to raise money for their bail and defense.

"They haven't been making any money so we've been trying to cover the mortgage and things like that," said Jessica English, William's niece. "You see this kind of thing on TV shows all the time, but you don't think it's going to hit that close to home. He didn't deserve this."

The English's lawyer, Paul Looney out of Houston, got their $1,000,000 reduced to $25,000 while representing them for free, though the couple did have to pay $2,500 each to bond out, which they say was worth it.

"My lawyer said 'you're getting out' and it was the best feeling I've ever had 'cuz its just inhumane how we were treated," said Ms. English. "I mean it just feels good to be out."

"Let's get the hell out of here," said Mr. English.

The couple said they were on their way to grab burgers before heading home to Brenham Monday.

"Get our life back in order, see our fur babies," said Ms. English. "If we're ever going to Dallas we're going around Waco."

The Englishs may have to return to Waco for court dates which are still pending.

Mr. English says even with what he's been through, he's going to stay in his motorcycle club.


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