Family Attends Rally For Bonded Bikers Not Allowed

Rally Draws Hundreds to Protest Biker Arrests

WACO -- About 75 bikers were missing from a rally in their honor at the McLennan County courthouse Sunday: the ones who have already been released from jail. The bikers aren't supposed return to Waco or fraternize with motorcycle clubs while they're out on bond.

Among the crowd of protesters was the family of William and Morgan English, the first bikers arrested in the Twin Peaks shooting to speak publicly after their release. Because of their bond conditions, the couple from Brenham wasn't allowed to come to Sunday's rally, but their family, friends, and even their attorney made sure their voices were heard.

"They were unsure of whether they were allowed to associate with other motorcycle club members right now, if there were restrictions on that, so better be safe than sorry," said Jessica English, William's niece.

The couple was released last week after their bonds were dramatically lowered from $1,000,000 to $25,000, and claims they were swept up with the rest of the bikers at Twin Peaks and had nothing to do with the bloody brawl. Their family stands behind their claim, so they came to the rally support it.

"I know they're innocent and didn't do anything wrong they were in the wrong place at wrong time, as were many of the others arrested. they don't deserve to be there and they need somebody to speak for them when they can't," said English.

Family and friends weren't the only ones there on the English's behalf: their Houston lawyer also made the trip.

"I would have come from anywhere," said Paul Looney, Attorney for William and Morgan English. "What happened is wrong and any American should stand up and be counted for that."

A biker himself, the attorney feels passionate about bikers' rights.

"We are 'dangerous'," joked Looney of his riding club. "It's all lawyers and judges and cops, and only in Waco are we considered evil."

Looney feels so strongly about the case, he's been hooking bikers up with other attorneys.

"Most of these people are not just innocent they're virginally innocent," said Looney.

He believes his clients will be let go, but family members say authorities might not be let off the hook.

"I think they'll be no billed," said Looney.

"They're looking at other options, I guess to press charges against Waco and get their benefits back," said English.

William English was recently laid-off and lost his severance package because of his arrest.  He's currently on the job hunt.  Other than that, family members said the couple was doing well and have just been trying to get their lives back to normal.

As of Sunday, 75 bikers had bonded out, 102 remained in the McLennan County Jail.


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