Fort Hood Recognizes National POW/MIA Day

Over 1600 soldiers missing in action and former prisoners of war were honored in a Fort Hood ceremony.

FORT HOOD - Prisoners of war (POW) and soldiers missing in action were honored at ceremonies around the country Friday including here in Central Texas at Fort Hood. The ceremony held outside of the Darnell Army Medical Center was aimed at helping impacted families know someone is still fighting to bring their loved one home.

With the reading of a name and a ring of a bell those at Fort Hood paused to remember those missing Americans.Many placed a wreath or sung a tune for the victims and their families. However for wives and daughters of ex POW's the memories of their loved ones horrific capture is still fresh.

"He was captured on the Rapido River in North Italy which is close to the Swiss border, they put him in a box" says Laura Lisenbe, widow of an ex POW. 

The widow says luckily her husband eventually escaped after being captured during World War 2, but after years of a happy marriage it still bothers her that he was never able to open up and tell her everything he went through while captured. 
"They have issues and they get a little upset when it's brought up" says Lisenbe.
Another woman who's father was taken prisoner in war agrees.
"They were seven days away from Pearl Harbor when they were captured by the Japanese. I think that their treatment as Japanese prisoners of war was very cruel and I think he just didn't want to remember or want to talk about it" says Sarah Dragoo, daughter of an ex POW.
Fort Hood Officials say they hope the event shows those in pain that they have people supporting them.
"It's important to let the family members know that their loved ones are not forgotten and a lot of them don't have closure because they are still wondering what happened to their loved ones" says Earl Williams, Chief Operations Officer Armed Forces Association. 
Officials say there are currently over 1600 soldiers missing and unaccounted for with more than 100 of them coming from Texas.


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