Channel Six surprises military moms with makeovers

There are many qualities military moms have in common. Patience, selflessness and the ability to adjust to anything life throws their way. These 6 Military Moms share those qualities and many more. Their husbands, friends and family members agree they deserve to be recognized for their incredible contributions and have a day off from "mom duty". 

Cristina Defratus Owen & Cheri Johnson spent two days at the Salons at Tuscan Square giving these moms a complete makeover donating hair and makeup services along with clothing free of charge. Jennifer Anderson Massage Therapy donated a free 60 minute massage for each mother along with Ana Belen who offered a free facial.

Military Mom Makeover Team Interview


Carrie Rolfe

Carrie Rolfe knows the struggles of military life. She is the mother of 5-year-old twin girls Abigail and Hannah. Just one week after they were born, her husband Jon deployed to Afghanistan. When their daughters were 3, Jon deployed again and now he is back in Afghanistan for yet another deployed. He won't return until this fall leaving Carrie to care for their children.

"He tries. It's hard for him because he loves his family. He wants to be here but he loves his job so it's hard for him to find that balance," says Carrie.

Jon Rolfe nominated Carrie from Afghanistan saying "Carrie has been dedicated, selfless and committed. Every sleepless night, every broken plumbing fixture, every doctor visit, every birthday party, every time a little girl said "I miss Daddy" she has been there and she's done it all with grace and love."

After her makeover, Carrie said "It's so relaxing to not have to worry about the phone ringing or anybody screaming. Just sit there and your hair washed, your hair fixed. I love everything. The makeup is fantastic, my hair is gorgeous. I feel like a smiing, whole new person instead of just somebody in a ball cap. It's great."


Military Mom Makeover: Carrie Rolfe None


Victoria Duncan

Victoria Duncan joined the military at just 17-years-old. She met her husband while stationed in Korea and now is a mother to 3 children. Being a mother and a soldier is no easy task. 

"We get up at 4:30. That's when our day starts. Get dressed, get to daycare by 5:30 and then I have to be at PT by 6:15 and then I work all day. They are at daycare all day until about 5:30. Mom guilt. It's real," said Duncan. 

After work, "Mom Duty" begins with dinner, play time, bath time and bed time. Victoria's father William nominated her saying "She has served in the army over 6 years. She works hard of course, comes home and still works hard. She never takes time for herself. She never really complains."

After a few hours of pampering, Duncan the soldier faded away to reveal Victoria, a beautiful mother of three. 


"I have lipstick on for the first time in my life," said Victoria. "I just feel so much better. It's great."

Military Mom Makeover: Victoria Duncan None

Erica Song

Erica Song married her husband Corey in 2009. They have 2 children and three weeks before Corey deployed to Iraq earlier this year they learned Erica is pregnant with another baby girl. Right now, Corey can only communicate with Erica through Facebook. She has not heard his voice in 2 months and he is not expected to return home until the end of the year. 

"It's been hard. Really hard. Everything on top of everything and then kids getting sick and being pregnant. It's a lot," said Erica.

Corey nominated Erica from Iraq saying "Time is definitely tough for her right now especially knowing I won't be there for the birth. She is truly the example and the standard when it comes to an Army wife. She spends her days filled with stress and sometimes seems like she is the one that's more stressed than I am and I am the one in the Combat Zone. It hurts to know I am not there to help her but she understands the sacrifices I make."

"The other day he just told me 'You're doing a really good job and that makes me feel good because some days I just think it's too hard."


Military Mom Makeover: Erica Song None


Vanessa Fisher

Vanessa Fisher has moved 7 times in her 13 year marriage to her husband Michael. They have 3 children and Vanessa spends her time working part-time as a registered nurse, homeschooling and volunteering. Although she admits adjusting to military life was a challenge at first she says it has also been an incredibly rewarding life.

"It was hard at first but now it's just us and it's weird not living that life I suppose. I have a lot of long distance friends that I never would have had otherwise so no regrets. Absolutely not. I think it made us stronger because of it," said Vanessa.

Her husband Michael nominated her saying "She has been the sole parent multiple times this year while I've been off fulfilling our Army commitments, always without complaint. She is steadfast in supporting me doing the best I can with whatever the Army calls me to do and doesn't complain about the missed meals, piled up chores, the stagnant honey-do list and the few and far between date nights. My wife is a superstar and could really use a "me day" that recognizes her contribution.

After her makeover, Vanessa said "I think it's amazing. My hair looks great and healthy, my face is beautiful. As glamorous as it is folding laundry, I would have never dressed up like this for it. I feel great. I feel pretty. I feel good."


Military Mom Makeover: Vanessa Fisher None

Jessica Martinez

Jessica Martinez is fairly new to military life. Her husband Raymond joined the Army 4 years ago. They moved from their hometown to Fort Hood with their 3 young boys to support him in his new career. 

"When you move away from home, you are kind of forced to have to accept living on your own and becoming a unit and you have to entirely support one another because without it, it just falls. We have to depend on one another and when he's gone, I have to hold things down as if he is there," said Jessica. 

Her husband Raymond nominated her saying "She is my motivation daily to never quit, to be the best person I can be for our family. She supports me, cares for me and loves me unconditionally. With everything she does she finds it hard to find time for herself. I feel she deserves a mommy month but being in the military it is hard to give her that. She has put so much of her life on hold just to support my dream of being in the military and there's nothing I can ever do to repay her for that."

"I don't feel like that. It's just day to day stuff. I don't even think twice. I know it's been awhile since I got a haircut," said Jessica. "I totally love it. I love the hair, the makeup, the clothes. I totally feel relaxed like I can conquer the rest of the day."

Military Mom Makeover: Jessica Martinez None


Jennifer Lamborn

Jennifer Lamborn is a mother of 3 who has spent the last 20 years living the military life. She has moved 10 times within those 20 years and now it has just become a part of the routine.

"I kind of get the itch now. After a couple of years in one place, I say okay it's time to move," says Jennifer.

After working as a stay at home mom for 18 years, Jennifer is now in her first year of teaching middle school students. Her 15-year-old daughter Zoe nominated her saying "My mom is my best friend. I tell her everything and I am so happy and grateful and joyful to have her in my life. My mom deserves this makeover not just for being a mom. She deserves this for the simple fact she is "practically perfect in every way."


Military Mom Makeover: Jennifer Lamborn None



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