Nolanville Man Has Trump Sign Vandalized

A Trump supporter in Nolanville is looking for answers after he says his Donald Trump sign was vandalized several times.

It's a phrase thats been the rallying cry of Donald Trump's campaign. "Make America great again."
However, one Nolanville man says his display of the slogan made him the target of vandalism. David Thornton says after the first vandalism incident, he didn't think much of it, he simply bent his sign back into shape and went about his business. A few days later, it happened again.  
This time he called police. But when their solution, he says, wasn't the answer he was looking for. "They came out and they filed a report and they they said you should probably just keep your sign inside, and that's when I said to the officer but what about my first amendment rights?"  That's where the sign has stayed he said, inside, but Nolanville police tell me they're treating this like any other crime, and support Thornton's constitutional right to free speech. "We will seek them out and bring the person who did this to justice, when a person has a sign expressing an opinion they have that right and we respect that" said Nolanville Police Chief Gary Kent. 
 Although that sign remains inside for now, it doesn't mean that's where it will stay. Thornton says a couple cases of vandalism isn't going to stop him supporting his candidate publicly. "I'm going to put that sign right back up, because its getting close to November and when it comes time to vote I'm voting Donald Trump for President"


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