Student Pilot Crashes Plane on Skylark Field in Killeen

Student Pilot Crashes Plane in Killeen

KILLEEN - A student pilot in Killeen is shaken Tuesday night after crash landing her plane earlier today at Skylark Field. The plane crashed around ten Tuesday morning. Many first responders with Killeen's Fire and Police Departments were on the scene to help the pilot who fortunately walked away with no injuries.

Officials say the female student pilot was flying when she made a hard landing damaging the planes left landing gear. People who witnessed the crash say they're still in shock.

"The airplane slammed the ground and it didn't come down smoothly. I was like oh my gosh I hope everyone is alright" says Patricia Roberts with Paxton Aviation.

Officials say this was the flight schools first accident in years.

"I think it was just miscalculation on her part as far as the landing and the approach. I don't think it was anymore than that" says Bruce Vasbinder, Community Relations Coordinator with Central Texas College.

Vasbinder went on to say that despite the scary moment the pilot is doing ok and will continue flight practice as usual.

"I'm sure she was shaken up after the fact I mean who wouldn't be, but again I think she's strong mentally and that she will be up in the air again in no time" says Vasbinder. 

The plane is currently being repaired, no word yet on how much the repairs will cost. Skylark Field remains open and operating as normal.


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