New Crime Mapping Website

People living in Temple have a reason to feel safer tonight.

They now have access to a program that can keep you updated on criminal activity in your neighborhood through online crime maps.

Restaurant owner Wes Teeters knows the panic of being robbed. His burger joint in downtown Temple was broken into last year...and his restaurant wasn't the only one.

"I've been on alert ever since it started happening a year ago," Teeters said. "I always pay attention every morning I come to work, I look at what's going on around me."

Now it'll be even easier for him to keep track of crime in the area.

Temple PD is using a website called "Raids Online," which gives you a map of criminal activity in your neighborhood in any given time frame.

Cpl. Christopher Wilcox says he wants people to know what is going on in their area.

"Our hope and our desire is that our citizens are going to use this and they're gonna make themselves more informed," Wilcox said.

Police will update the website every morning at four o'clock and you can search for incidents that happened up to three years ago.

The website will also be right at your fingertips with a free iPhone app, allowing you to check crime while you're on-the-go. Alerts can be created for particular types of criminal activity in your area and the site will send a notification straight to your phone.

"Knowledge is power and that's where our citizens are gonna gain their through the knowledge," Wilcox said.

For Wes Teeters, it may also give him a little peace of mind. "If we're having trouble in a certain area, it'll let us narrow it down," he said.

The website doesn't use any tax payer money and is free for the city. A former police officer created the program because he felt it's important to keep citizens informed.


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