New Fort Hood ID Policy Upsets Gun Rights Supporters

A new Fort Hood policy requiring Service Members assigned to the post to show ID to law enforcement when they ask is being called a violation of civil rights by some.

A memorandum outlining the new command policy went out to all Fort Hood active duty and reserve Military personnel on September 5.

It says they'll be punished under the Uniform Code of Military Justice if they refuse ID to police.

The policy begins by citing "a growing trend" in Fort Hood soldiers openly carrying firearms to demonstrate their 2nd Amendment rights.

It says in the interest of public safety, Fort Hood soldiers must give police ID when ask for it, even though Texas law doesn't require people to do so, unless they're being legally arrested.

Robert Sneed with Open Carry Texas (OCT) says, "What the policy has done is restricted the soldiers' ability to express their rights, which are protected under the Constitution, which is the same one that they took an oath to protect and uphold."

OCT promotes the safe and legal carry of long guns in the Lone Star State.

Sneed says two of OCT's soldier supporters recently refused ID to police initially then gave it up, while exercising their gun rights and were reported to command on Fort Hood.

Fort Hood's new policy calls for cooperation to help police make sure guns are being carried safely and legally.

It says, "The purpose of this policy is to assist law enforcement personnel in determining whether a Service Member constitutes a threat to the public safety, without confrontation, in order to protect Service Members and civilians from avoidable accidents or incidents that could result in death or serious injury."

Meanwhile OCT members are sending emails and phone calls to Washington, asking for a Congressional hearing on the matter.

"The order itself can't stand up, it's an illegal order," Robert said.

It is legal to openly carry long guns in Texas.

It becomes illegal when firearms are displayed in public in a manner calculated to alarm.

Sneed says OCT only participates in lawful demonstrations.

Reporter: Sophia Stamas

Photographer: Chris Buford


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