Parents, Students Recall Bus Crash

     It's the image of yesterdays bus accident in the mind of 9 year old Lilly Spiewak that makes her never want to ride a school bus again.
     She stayed home on Tuesday to rest her injured leg.  
     Her mom, Amanda, says the scariest part was getting the phone call that her daughter was in a bus accident.
"if anything would of happened...I wasn't there." She said.
     Some injuries were much worse.
     Anthony Jarmon had all three of his boys on the bus.
     TJ sprained his jaw, Isaiah bruised him arms, and Illisha fractured his shoulder.
Their father Anthony said, "I'm not happy they got hurt, but I think they got off easy because it could have been a whole lot worse."
"I broke my wrist and I have a bruised rib all the way to the bone."
     Said 11 year old Hunter Goodard. He says he usually sits three to a seat on that bus.
     And with 60 students anywhere from elementary to high school on board, everyone had some sort of injury.
     6th grader, Caitlin Trussel got away easy and showed us the minor cut on her leg.
"my head and leg hit the bottom of the seat." Said Caitlin
     Jeffery is a Sophomore at Bruceville Eddy High School. He told us he'll be out of school for awhile because he dislocated his jaw on impact. He recalls the accident saying
"people started screaming when it hit, some people were covered in blood."
     Smanda explained to her daughter Lilly that what happened on the bus yesterday is very rare.
     But the image of the crash has forced her to drive Lilly to school... Until they both feel comfortable again. 
"and then I realized that yesterday morning could have been the last time I said anything to my kids...and that's scary."


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