Tesla Charging Station in Waco

    In the parking lot of one of Waco's most well known bakeries is now a place to 'fill up'...rather CHARGE up your Tesla. 
Tesla spokesperson Alexis Georgeson says Tesla "is the car of the future." So what is a Tesla?
     It's is an electric luxury sedan that is completely powered by a lithium-ion battery.
     There is no transmission tunnel, no gas tank, no engine.
     Instead, the 17 inch touch screen monitor controls every function of the car, and even has web access.
     8 of these charging stations were unveiled at the Collin Street Bakery parking lot on Tuesday.
     And although only about 700 people in Texas own these futuristic cars, Tesla plans to open up three more charging stations in the state before year's end.
"this Waco super charger is about midpoint between Austin and Dallas" a perfect place for Tesla owners to charge their car while traveling the interstate. Charging the Tesla for about 20 minutes will allow you go to about 150 miles.
     But because all car sales in Texas must go through a licensed dealership, you can't buy a Tesla in Texas.
     Matt Holm had to buy his online.
     He thinks that Tesla could change the automotive industry. He says, 
"when they come out with the 35 thousand dollar car, I think it could be the death of the internal combustion engine. The car is phenomenal."
     So we took one for test drive. 
     I immediately noticed that the car didn't make any noise.
    The car never hesitated to change gears once I got on the interstate because there aren't any gears.
     And controlling the car from the monitor made me fell something out of Star Wars. Matt Holm says "this car will revolutionize the planet and is more fun than to drive a car that runs on gas."
     what Tesla believes is the future of the automotive industry.     


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