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Have an outstanding warrant? Be prepared for a city marshal to show up at your home or work

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TYLER (KYTX) -- If you have a warrant out for your arrest, don't be surprised if you find law enforcement knocking at your door. The fifth annual warrant round up is underway in East Texas. CBS 19's Anthony Austin went for a ride along  with Tyler city marshals Tuesday, and they're not just making home visits -- if they have to come find you at work, they will.

The warrant round up is an effort to clear up unresolved warrants and collect money owed statewide. Every year, it's proven to be successful.

Since Saturday, Tyler city marshal Jay Hudnall has been knocking on the doors of East Texans who have warrants out for their arrest. It's estimated that about 27,000 people in the city of Tyler alone have warrants. But, city marshal Jay Hudnall says it's not only people with warrants inside the city who should be concerned.

"The statewide warrant was designed to hopefully get people that normally would think, 'I don't live in the city of Tyler, they can't get me'. But, we can. We're participating with numerous agencies across the state, so we're helping each other catch fugitives," Hudnall said.

Currently, the concentration is on Class C charges, which include traffic, criminal parking, penal code and city ordinance violations. Higher charge warrants, like theft, are also being served.   

Last year during the warrant sweep, the Tyler Municipal Court cleared 2,150 warrants. 
Currently, more than 240 agencies across the state are taking part in this effort to resolve outstanding warrants. So, if you found a yellow 'Don't Go To Jail' card on your door, it means a city marshal has stopped by.

We checked with the city of Longview today as well. So far, 733 municipal warrants have been cleared in. More than $240,000 in fees have been collected.

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