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Kids Day Rodeo for special needs children

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You can see the professional rodeo cowboy association in action Friday and Saturday night at the South Texas State Fair but the cowboys who got to work Friday morning performed for some very special spectators at the annual Kids Day Rodeo.

Professional cowboys from all over the United States came to the state fair show off their riding and roping skills.

"We have slack cowboys which is cowboys that signed up to ride in our performance that don't usually make the main rodeo," said rodeo manager Malcolm Ray.

Slack cowboys are used to arenas like this, full of empty seats. But for the Kids Day Rodeo they get to perform for thousands, with a very unique audience.

With over 2,500 mentally or physically challenged students and adults in attendance, this was the largest kids day rodeo in 22 years.

"We have people who've never seen animals like this before," explained Ray. "We have people who only get out of their group homes or facilities that their in once or twice a year and this is one of those events."

Special needs classes from across the Golden Triangle flooded the Ford Arena by the bus load.

And helping them along the way were hundreds of volunteers from different organizations, groups and schools.

"Just to see these kids from high school makes them happy and it makes us happy as well to help them," said Nederland High School senior Brittan Mcdonald.

While watching the pros do what they do best some students told us their favorite part.

"When I see horses, start wrapping up cows."
"They got to get the cow but they run away."

And now Jace Harvill knows what he wants to be when he grows up, "A cowboy!"

And if just one child is inspired for the future, the Kids Day Rodeo has done it's job.

The YMBL says Friday and Saturday night you can see one of the best rodeos this side of Las Vegas at the fair.

Catch all the thrills and spills of pro rodeo with the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association at the Ford Arena starting at 7 p.m.
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