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Judge's Allergies Suspend Hearing of Veteran with Service Dog

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(KCEN) --  An Air Force veteran's court hearing is pushed back months because of a judge's allergy to dogs.

Last month Sonny Binder told the court he was bringing his service dog to a June 14th hearing regarding social security benefits.

The judge responded that she's allergic to dogs, and rescheduled the hearing for mid-November 4 months later.

The court said that's the earliest date available permitting a dog to be present.

"She can't have a dog in court, so I have to suffer. My wife has to suffer. My children have to suffer until November now?" said Binder.

Binder was diagnosed with post traumatic stress syndrome following a serious motor vehicle accident while serving in the Air Force.

The Americans with disabilities act mandates that public facilities allow access to service animals.

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