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Court Dispute Over Hasan's Psychiatric Evaluation

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Courtesy Brigitte Woosley Courtesy Brigitte Woosley

(KCEN) -- A dispute over Nidal Hasan releasing his psychiatric evaluation to the media without approval took front and center in court on Wednesday.

Earlier this week, the accused Fort Hood shooter released his full psychiatric evaluation to the New York Times.

Hasan's trial counsel and the court only have the short form of the report.

Judge Osborn asked Hasan if anyone forced him to do so and if he understands the consequences of releasing it, saying "Did you understand that by disclosing it to a third party that you could wave the right to keep the full sanity report away from the trial counsel?"

Hasan replied "yes."

COL Kris Poppe said that Hasan needs to consult his technical supervisor for the case about releasing the document. He believes that the current chief of trial defense service has a conflict of interest.

Judge Osborn said that there is a "blurring of the roles" since the supervisor wears so many hats.

Osborn says that full documents will not be released until his counsel has had a chance to consult Hasan.

"We will do our best to avoid exposure to it," said COL Steve Henricks.

Hasan wants to waive the privilege and let the Government get the full sanity board result. "I've already released it to the media, so are you saying I would separately release it to the Government?" asked Hasan.

Judge Osborn replied, "I'm not going to give it to them until we've had a chance to fully address the matter on the record."

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