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Fort Hood Community Reacts to Hasan Guilty Verdict

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(KCEN) -- The magnitude of today's verdict wasn't just felt on base, the city of Killeen has been held hostage by this trial for nearly 4-years.

But the feeling around Killeen, is better late than never.

"I'm happy that it's finally over with.  You have a lot of families that can finally go to the closure," said veteran Michelangelo Hardy.

And while some bear more pain than others the entire community has suffered.     

According to Spc Daniel Castillo, "Everyone knows someone that has someone in the military, everyone's affected by what happened. "

"Some justice will finally find its way to having happened," said Ken Ray.

And for those who spoke out, true justice means the death penalty.

"If you purposely take a life, I feel your life should be taken also.  I mean especially with the amount of folks that he killed, nothing less than death penalty."

A memorial is in the works to remember and honor the lives lost.

Now that the verdict is in hopefully attention can focus on raising the funds necessary to build this landmark.

Once the memorial is completed it will be open 24-hrs a day for families or anyone passing through Killeen.

The memorial still needs about $200,000 to be completed.

If you want to donate we have all the information of how to on our homepage under the NOW button.


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