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Wounded Warrior 5K Run in Harker Heights

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(KCEN) --  A Fort Hood solider who was told he may never walk again finished a 5K this morning in Harker Heights.

Sergeant Paul Podhorn was shot while deployed in Iraq.

When he returned him and his wife were given a free home but it's one that's in need of serious renovations.

So the community came together to thank Sgt. Podhorn for his sacrifice by helping to raise money for the home.

Just like on the battle field, when a solider is in need, an Army of help quickly follows.

When Sergeant Paul Podhorn came home from Iraq, he got more help than he could have ever imagined.  

"The hardest part when you get out of the military is figuring out what am I going to do? Where am I going to live?" he said.

Thanks to the Texas Sentinel Foundation and RE/MAX Red Zone, Sgt.. Podhorn and his wife didn't have to worry about where he was going to live.

He was given a house in Belton, debt and mortgage free.

But the home needs about $70,000 worth of renovation before they can move in.

Saturday, over a hundred of Sgt. Podhorn's supporters came to help him raise money so he can make that house his home.

According to Patrick Maxam of RE/MAX, "We feel that we owe this to Sgt. Podhorn. He went down range and took a bullet for us."

"When I was shot in the head, I was paralyzed on the right side. And basically had to learn how to walk again," said

He was shot by a sniper while in Iraq.

After months of rehab, Sgt. Podhorn was able to walk a 5K with his wife.

And the people around him felt nothing but gratitude for the man who gave so much.

"You've got five lottery numbers and they just called the 6th one, to be able to give this to him, and see the joy on his face."

Overcoming all odds to cross just one of many finish lines in Sgt. Podhorn's life.      

Over $4,000 was raised this morning to help Sgt, Podhorn renovate his new home.

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