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Heather Brinkmann - Meteorologist

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Heather joined the KCEN HD Weather Team in May of 2012.  

Before forecasting the weather on-air, Heather was a private forecaster for a company in the Chicago area. There, she forecasted for major companies across the entire U.S., even for some right here in Central Texas.

Heather is also an avid storm chaser. "I love getting out there and experiencing Mother Nature," Heather said. "Nothing feels better than to see your forecast verified with a tornado spinning right in front of you!" Heather got her strong passion of weather when she was little. "I grew up watching Tom Skilling and he was my idol. I wanted to do exactly what he did everyday!"

Heather graduated from Northern Illinois University in DeKalb, IL. Heather received her degree in Meteorology, as well as Journalism.

When Heather isn't in the KCEN HD Weather Center, she loves watching sports, playing sports, and spending time with her dogs, Dirk and Halen. If you ever see her out and about, make sure to stop and say hello!

You can follow Heather on Twitter: @WeatherHx

And on Facebook: Facebook.com/WeatherHx

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