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Ft Hood Shooting Memorial Statues Finished, Still Locked Up

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(KCEN) -- Thirteen sculptures for the Fort Hood November 5, 2009 Memorial are now finished, but four years after the shooting, they still remain locked away while money is raised to finish the project.

Tuesday night, Killeen City Council members attended a briefing on the status of the memorial and heard about some new places funds might be found.

When Army Psychiatrist Nidal Hasan opened fire on a room full of soldiers getting medically cleared to deploy, Dr. Michael Cahill used his last breath to try and stop him.

Specialist Frederick Greene followed suit, taking 12 bullets for his comrades, and Captain John Gaffaney used his last bit of strength to charge empty handed at a bloodthirsty Hasan as well.

But five years after their brutal murder, the 13 statues memorializing them and others remain locked behind closed doors at the Killeen Civic Center.

Sculptor Troy Kelley has been working on them since 2010.

He recently added a baby Scoobie Doo statue to Private First Class Francheska Velez's Scoobie Doo sculpture to honor her unborn child, using Velez' favorite childhood stuffed animal as a symbol.

Then he finished the final piece just a few days ago.

It was for Staff Sergeant Amy Krueger.

Kelley says the moment he made the very last finishing touch was bittersweet.

"Well it's sad. This has been a labor of love. It's sad in the sense that the memorial is not completed yet, and here it's been five years," Kelley said.

Right now a funding committee is about $165 thousand short of building the 60 ft. memorial outside of the civic center just a few miles from Fort Hood.

Promotion of the effort was hindered until the trial against the killer was complete.

Memorial Funding Chair Tim Hancock reserved information about some new places he hopes to find money until after he briefs city council members Tuesday.

He would say this:

"I've put a request in for the council to make some decisions about some funding that may be available."

Hancock says it is not federal of city budget money he is asking for.

When asked about the moment the memorial will finally be revealed, Kelley said, "Well it will be joyous and yet sad at the same time. It will be a relief, and yet it will be sad in the sense that it's taken so long."

The funding committee hopes to build the memorial before the next November 5, anniversary comes around.

Construction donations Like materials and labor are being accepted too.

Learn more here.

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