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Ft Hood Soldier an Inspiration, Learns to Walk Again

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(KCEN) – It's a call every Army wife dreads. It was a call that Ashlie Walker wasn't prepared for.

On September 5th 2013, she picked up the phone to faint voice she recognized as her husband Jason.  "He sounded really tired, and he told me to just relax," she said.

When she had hugged and kissed Jason goodbye back in May, they had no idea he would be returning halfway through the deployment.

"I was conscience during the entire event," Jason said. "I was strangely calm. I realized I had stepped on an IED when I looked down at my foot."

His left foot was gone. His right leg was severely damaged by shrapnel. He knew his life would never be the same.

"I was just in zombie mode for the three days he was in ICU," Ashlie said. "I never thought he'd get injured… they tell you to prepare for it, but I just couldn't think about it."

Five days after stepping on the IED, Jason was transported to San Antonio's Brook Army Medical Center, where he underwent 14 surgeries.

With his two young sons and wife by his side, there was no doubt Jason knew he would walk again.

"I don't like being told I can't do something. So it's just a challenge to me to show them I can," Jason said. "Stubbornly I stood when people told me I couldn't. I started walking when they told me I shouldn't, and from there I just took off running to keep moving."

Fighting through the intense pain, Jason had one goal. "I made a vow that before they came home that I would be standing in uniform and participating in the homecoming ceremony," Jason said.

And last week that's exactly what he did. As his brother's returned home from Afghanistan, Jason was front and center leading his fellow soldiers into the ceremony.

"He walked out and just had the biggest smile on his face. Everyone was so overcome with emotion because he wasn't expected to make it," Ashlie said holding back tears.

While Ashlie jokes that Jason didn't come back in one piece, she knows her husband is a true hero who has sacrificed for a country he loves and defends.

And with each step that Jason takes, he knows others will see that anything is possible.

"It's not that I can't do things, it's that I just have to find a different way to do them," he said. "Anyone can recover from anything."

On Wednesday a ceremony will be held in Jason honor, where he will receive a Purple Heart award for his brave service and sacrifice.

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