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Jury-Fine Scam Alert

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(KCEN) --- The Bell County Sheriff's Department has issued a scam alert warning folks about being advised that they are being fined for missing a jury summons.

In this scam, folks are being told to go get cash cards to pay for those fines.

The department, which has received several reports of the scam, does not make calls in regards to court business seeking monies nor solicit individuals to obtain cash cards to pay for a fine or services.

If you are a part of this type of misconduct please call the Bell County Sheriff's Department immediately.

Bell County Sheriff's Department list of helpful tips:

  • Don't let them inside the house
  • Stay behind your door
  • Have your home phone in your hand while at the door in case you need 911
  • House phones are preferable to a cell phone if it will reach that range of distance
  • vehicle descriptions (stickers, paint, damage, license plates)
  • what direction the vehicle left in
  • the description of the people
  • telephone numbers if they leave contact info for you
  • how many people are there
  • if they are brandishing some type of badge (ASK to see their credentials, If you can do so without them coming into your home)
  • If you are exiting your home to talk with them - exit from an unsuspecting door
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