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Miracle Match Marathon

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Over 2,000 runners took to the streets of Waco on Sunday for the Miracle Match Marathon, an event that helps people who need life saving marrow transplants.

Running is therapy for Iram Leon, but he doesn't do it alone. He pushes his daughter, Kiana in a stroller.

What you'd never know is that he's battling brain cancer.

"It's just a way to have fun," Leon said. "We play some music, she sings and it's just one more bonding thing, ya know?"

He made the trip from Austin to run the full 26.2 mile marathon, stroller and all.

"We've done other distances, but this is the second marathon and we're gonna remember this one for awhile," Leon said.

That's because the Miracle Match Marathon is not for beginners.

It's one of the hardest races in the country because of steep hills on the course.

Their tag line is "Toughest in Texas, no bull," but the cause draws people more than the challenge.

Proceeds go to "Be the Match" and anyone at the race can register to be a marrow donor.

"It's a good awareness, I wouldn't have known about it otherwise and it's so simple," said Firefighter Sara Athey. "Just to get the test done, just swab inside your mouth and if you're a match then that's perfect."

Race Director Nancy Goodnight says the end of the race is a symbol of their mission.

"The suspension bridge is a gorgeous finish line, makes a great photo," Goodnight said. "For us, it symbolizes the matching of the donor and the recipient."

For Iram Leon, crossing the finish line is a symbol of his own fight.

If everything goes wrong and all I did is hang out with my kid some more, to me that's a win-win," Leon said.

For runners who weren't quite ready for the big marathon, there were shorter races like a 10k and 5k, as well as relays and a one-mile fun run for parents to do with their kids.

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