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KISD Bus Video Released, Driver Says BB Shot into Bus

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(KCEN) – More than two weeks after the incident, KCEN has obtained the school bus video after a Killeen ISD driver says someone shot at the bus with a bb gun, and the district did nothing in response. His frustration led him to quit the very next day.

About 19 minutes into the video as Edward Burris is driving his last special needs student home for the day, you hear a loud pop. Edward is visibly shaken and startled by the noise. He immediately says "What the heck was that… it's almost like someone shot at the bus".

Just minutes later they find the bb rolling around on the bus floor. "We have to go back," Edward said while grabbing the radio to call it in to the KISD transportation department.

The next 30 seconds is why Edward says he could no longer stand to work for KISD.  

The following is the entire conversation between Edward and the department:

 "Yes sir, someone shot at the bus with a bb gun. The bb is inside the bus," Edward called in. "Did it go through a window?" the department responded. "Yes we had a window cracked for ventilation, and apparently it shot through that window," he said.

"Okay, so you have no idea who did it, right?" "No sir," Edward said. "Okay thank you, transmission out," the department radioed.

"I'm still totally disappointed, and in utter disbelief by the reaction of the KISD and their staff," Edward said after watching the video on Thursday. "That bb came through the window right behind my head. If it would have hit me it could have caused me to wreck the bus."

While it might be just a bb, Edward says it could have injured the special needs student on the bus, or his bus monitor, and at the very least KISD should have had someone from the district come out and investigate.

But he says that investigation didn't come until he quit the next day, and we aired the original story.

"I did my part. According to their rules if I failed to file proper report, I could get in trouble and possibly lose my job. To me the same thing needs to happen to them," Edward said.

Edward now works for a different district, but still hopes KISD will reevaluate their policies to make sure if this happens again there is immediate response.

We contacted KISD Thursday morning when we were given the video, and again called and emailed on Friday but so far KISD has not responded to our requests for information or their response on the issue.

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