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Off Duty Officer Involved In Night Club Shooting

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(KCEN) --- One man shot after a off-duty Marlin police officer, working as a security guard, was involved in a shooting at a after hours night club in Waco.

Waco Police responded to a discharge of a firearm inside Club Crush located at 1014 n. 25th street Sunday morning at 2:43 am.

Once on the scene officers learned that an off duty Marlin officer working security at the club was involved.

A disturbance inside the night club led to suspect's shooting a weapon inside the club.

In response to the shooting inside and outside of the night club, the off-duty police officer working security fired his weapon at the shooter in defense of other club goers that were being shot at police say.

Shortly after the initial shooting, police were informed that a black male turned up in the emergency room of Providence Health Center with a gunshot wound to his leg.

The condition and name of the man who was shot is unknown.

Police are investigating the disturbance inside and outside of the club as two separate incidents.

Waco PD's Special Crimes Unit and Crime scene technicians are assisting with the investigation.

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