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Hobby Lobby v. Obamacare

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(KCEN) -- The battle between Hobby Lobby and Obamacare is still going strong.

The case is headed to the Supreme Court in a few weeks.

Hobby Lobby has agreed to provide sixteen out of twenty contraceptives. But the other four are morning after pills -- like "Plan B"  --  and the company says this conflicts with their Christian values.

We found out what central Texans think about Hobby Lobby refusing to buckle under.

The Green family opened their first "Hobby Lobby" in Oklahoma back in 1972 with a focus on family and faith.
They've posted videos on Youtube explaining their views and why the Obamacare mandate is such a conflict for the company. "This is an issue of life, that we can not be a part of taking life. So to be in a situation where our government is telling us we have to be is incredible."

Many Hobby Lobby shoppers in Temple agreed.

"The Obamacare stuff...it makes it difficult for people to exercise free will and your rights to choose," Hobby Lobby supporter Bill Hunter said.

Elizabeth Owens, another supporter, said, "It's their business. When you are employed by Hobby Lobby, you know exactly what kind of company you're working for."

But on our Facebook page, some people said, "this is another attack on women" and "you can't have companies deciding which meds they will or won't pay for."

Overall, the vast majority of over 200 hundred posts supported Hobby Lobby with comments like "stand for what you believe in" and "birth control medication is not a basic human right."

The Green family says they will continue to fight for their religious freedom.

The case will be heard by the Supreme Court on March 25. A decision should be announced in June.

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