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Local soldier boosts deployment morale through music

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(KCEN) -- A local soldier is giving back to the military by boosting moral overseas.

It's negative 12 degrees in Kyrgyzstan and Fort Hood Staff Sergeant Erica Mitchel just started her 9-month deployment to Afghanistan.

This will be her 4th deployment in 3 years.

Circumstances stacked like that could put someone in a bad mood, but it actually has Staff Sergeant Mitchel singing.

She sings to her 3 year old daughter on the phone while deployed. Mitchel recently left for Afghanistan to fulfill her role as a chemist. And by the sound of it, her life overseas is just that: fulfilling.

"The army gives you everything you would get at home. A family base; it provides you with education," Mitchel said. "And it makes you successful on the outside when you get out."

A normal work week for soldiers is about 6 days a week with an off day on Sunday. When you're deployed to places like Kuwait, Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, there isn't a whole lot to do. But SSG Mitchel did something to change that.@

For each one of her deployments, she held an open mic night for soldiers.

"It boosts morale," Mitchel said. "They miss their families and miss home."

The entertainment turns soldiers to a healthy outlet when they're thousands of miles away from home.

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