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Copperas Cove ISD Losing Federal Funding, Layoffs Expected

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(KCEN) -- Copperas Cove ISD is looking at laying off around 75 employees after a huge budget cut.

The district is expecting to lose about $12 million in federal funding through what is called Heavy Impact Aid.

In order to get that funding, 35% of the students have to meet one of three military-connected requirements like having parents in the military or parents who are civilian workers for the military.

This year's survey showed they were just under the 35% needed to receive the funding that makes up 16% of the entire districts budget.

"The financial landscape at CCISD has to adjust to reflect this significant loss of revenue," said CCISD Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Joe Burns in a written statement on Monday.

Big changes are on the way through a multi-tiered reduction plan. The biggest cuts will come next year as they cut $6.3 million. That includes letting go of 40 full time employees and another 35 para employees for the next school year.

The Pre K program will also be hit hard. It will go down to only half days, and Mae Stevens Elementary will be turned into an all Pre-K campus.

All other students attending Mae Stevens will be transferred next year to Clements/Parsons.

"Now our kids are going to be crammed into classrooms with more students, less teachers," CCISD parent Alicia Ray said. "Their experience will fall because of it. It's just a mess honestly."

Tina Durcan, a CCISD grandparent, wondered "are they going to get the proper education, are they going to cut some more? That's our number one concern."

The district will be offering $500 resignation incentives for faculty and staff before they begin the layoffs. That deadline is March 17th.

The school district would not go on camera, but did release a statement.

It says: "It's not going to change the quality of our programs. We have an excellent staff dedicated to the success of all students."

The district says if they do not make any changes, they would be over their budget by nearly $6 million next year and bankrupt over the next few years. 

Parents can submit questions to CCISD by (clicking here). You can also find more detailed information on the district's cuts and layoffs.

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