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Fort Hood Troops Defuse IEDs In Afghanistan

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(KCEN) -- It's the moment when everything changes in an instant.

Improvised Explosive Devices, (IEDs), have claimed the lives of thousands of troops in Afghanistan, also wounding tens of thousands more.

But despite the risk, engineers with "Charlie" Company 22nd Brigade Special Troops Battalion take them on face to face.

First Sergeant Nagib Mamud says, "They understand the danger, that's why they're in front of the other soldiers. For every threat that we find, for everything that we neutralize, we are out there saving lives."

The unit has about 75 troops on the ground throughout eastern and southern Afghanistan, finding and defusing the potentially deadly roadside bombs

"It's a good feeling when you find something, because you knew it could have hit somebody else," said Mamud.

They protect innocent civilians and pave the way for other essential ground operations.

Staff Sergeant William Glover says, "Basically, the engineers, they lead the way, so they can follow up behind them." 

Last year, more than 500 international troops were killed by homemade bombs in Afghanistan, and sadly one of those was an engineer from Mamud and Glover's unit.

On August 26, 1st Lieutenant Jason Togi selflessly took the blast, so that someone else wouldn't have to.

Now Togi's comrades press onward in his honor.

"We're just all thankful that God's been taking care of us, and we're just still hoping for a finished deployment," Mamud said.

Reporter: Sophia Stamas

Photographer: Jordan Bontke



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