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Technology connects military marriages around the world

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(KCEN)  -- Being deployed away from loved ones can put major strain on soldiers' marriages and families.

But thanks to today's technology, our service men and women are connecting like never before.

One local soldier deployed in Afghanistan is holding down the fort, thousands of miles away from home.

Major William Craig is only in the first week of his deployment. He's still getting into his daily routine. Every morning he looks for a strong wi-fi signal here at the Moral and Welfare Activity Center in Kabul, all so he can connect with his wife back in Salado and make her laugh before she goes to bed.

He says even though it may be a little pixilated, seeing her face and hearing her voice helps his demeanor. After all, he'll be away from home for the next 8 months.

"It means everything to me to see her and talk to her and hear her voice," Maj. Craig said.

Back home in Salado, his wife Leigh Ann goes to great lengths to keep him in the loop. She was able to get his daughter's soccer coach to send him videos of her games, something she felt she needed to do to keep his spirits up.

"We keep sharing what we're doing," Leigh Ann said. "It's just good to do that and keep in touch."

Chaplain Michael Charles says the key to keeping a strong relationship with loved ones back home is figuring out the best way for your family to communicate before the deployment. "Any way you can tie that bind back at home station is important, where ever home is."

Thanks to Skype, Maj. Craig is able to have a strong relationship with his wife, something that runs in the family. When his father was deployed in Vietnam, his mother knew the importance of a little facetime.

"My mother would make 8mm movies each month so my dad would receive them. So that's the way he kept up with me," Maj. Craig shared.

Luckily in today's world, he doesn't have to wait for a film reel from Salado to see his family. But like many soldiers, family is most important. So if he had to, he would.

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