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Two American ISAF Civilian Contractors Killed in Kabul

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(KCEN) -- Two American, ISAF civilian contractors were killed in Kabul Monday afternoon.

The attack happened just about 12 the Kabul International Airport.

American forces responded to the scene near a prison east of the base.

Prisons have been at the center of talks between the U.S. and Afghanistan, as the countries  try to come to a bilateral security agreement to keep American troops in Afghanistan past the 2014 drawdown date.

President Hamid Karzai wants some prisoners released, whom the U.S. considers security risks.

Also according to a Wall Street Journal report Monday, the U.S. has revised its plans to with withdraw our troops from Afghanistan.

Officials who once wanted that security agreement signed within a few weeks now say they'll wait until Karzai leaves office in the spring and deal with the newly elected president.

This new plan would allow the U.S. to wait until the end of the summer, then begin the final withdrawal, if it is ordered.

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