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Stores left with extra holiday merchandise

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(KCEN) -- Another holiday has come and gone, and major retailers are once again left with a bunch of themed items they didn't sell.

So where does all that stuff go?

It's hard to resist the allure of candy on clearance, so some put it off on purpose.

"We thought 'OK, well, the candy will for sure be on sale on Saturday, so we'll do the party on Sunday, that way we'll have plenty of time to go get some after it's discounted,'" shopper Taylor Post said.

But deep discounts might not be enough to clear the shelves at stores like Target in Waco.

The National Retail Federation expected shoppers to spend almost $134 on average for Valentines Day this year.

While that did put a pretty big dent in pink and red stockpiles, a lot of big retailers still have leftover gifts and food to deal with.

"When we get down to the last little bit, one of two things happens,"said Sharon Nelson of Target. "Some items get salvaged out and go to a salvage company, and the food items get donated to a food bank."

Basically those salvage companies take the extra stuff and sell it to stores like Ross and TJ Maxx, which then resell it.

Goodwill in Waco also has some of the leftover Valentines Day merchandise on their shelves.

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