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The Dangers of Driving Selfies

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(KCEN) -- First it was talking on your cell phone, then it was texting. But the newest form of distracted driving? The driving selfie.

Some experts say it's just as dangerous, if not worse than all other types of distracted driving.

We've all heard "Don't text and drive." But pretty soon that message could be "Don't shoot and drive'.

Millions of motorists are taking to the roads, posting driving selfies to Instagram, Twitter & Snapchat under the hashtags "driving selfie," "driving to work" and "I hope I don't crash."

Twenty-year-old Savannah Boyd is seeing more and more of these selfies. Despite the danger, Savannah thinks the trend is here to stay.

"People always do what they want regardless of what other people say or what statistics say," she said.

If you think it's just young people taking them, think again.

"It's middle aged and seniors doing it," said Trooper DL Wilson of the McLennan County DPS. "I've seen them all it's just amazing that it's catching on like wildfire."

While it's not illegal to take a selfie on Texas roads, drivers can be prosecuted if their reckless actions behind the wheel causes injury or death.

UMHB assistant professor and social media expert Mindy Welch says part of the problem here in central Texas is the amount of driving people do on a daily basis, and the fact drivers have gotten a bit too comfortable on the roads.

"You're going to think 'I've got this driving thing' and you're going to have a little fun," Welch said. "And that's whenever it can be dangerous."

Even if you're not the one taking the driving selfie, but your passengers are, it can still be a distraction.

Trooper Wilson says more drivers, especially younger ones, need to be educated on the dangers of the driving selfie.

That message got through to Savannah.
"They're fun, but I guess it's not really worth crashing your car," she said.

Others have yet to get the picture - "it could never happen to me" - potentially making that driving selfie the last photo they ever take.

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