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Troy Store Owner Gives a Customer the Gift of a Lifetime

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(KCEN) – On Wednesday an unusual gathering took place inside the tiny Big Reds in the small town of Troy, Texas. Sobs and hugs filled the store as the owner gave a customer the surprise of a life time.

"It's a new life, and I'm ready for it," Terry Keys said while still shaking his head in disbelief.

Back in November of 2011 at age 23, Terry was diagnosed with kidney failure, and was immediately put on dialysis three days a week. If he didn't find a kidney his young life would continue to be consumed by treatment.

"I never thought I was going to get a kidney; I never thought in my mind," he said.

Several months ago his family decided to put out flyers and jars to raise money for his treatment – and just by chance one of those jars made it on to the counter of Jimmy Ashby's Big Reds.

"I never knew he was sick until I saw it on my counter," Jimmy said. "I could tell his story was very heartfelt."

Having grown children around the same age as Terry, Jimmy felt moved to help. In November he secretly began getting tested to see if he was a match and if he was healthy enough to give a kidney.

After several setbacks, Jimmy received a call on Tuesday saying he could give a piece of himself to help save another. And on Wednesday he brought Terry and his family in to tell them the news.

"What if I told you I have a kidney you could have?" Jimmy asked. Terry immediately buried his face in his hands, wiping away tears and giving the man who would soon change his life a big hug.

"It took my breath away," Terry said. "I don't, I … I'm just speechless."

Jimmy hopes the transplant can happen at the end of March, or beginning of April. In the meantime, Terry will need to raise $15,000 for the life changing procedure.

Donations can be dropped off at Big Reds in Troy, or at the First State Bank in Temple under Ashby Keys Kidney Donation fund.

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