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Polly Wanna Census Survey? Local Office Tries to Interview Bird

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Polly wanna census survey?

An aircraft contractor staying in Waco got an interesting call from the local Census Bureau field office on Wednesday.

The woman on the other end of the phone told Rick Johnson she needed to speak with Crush Johnson.

"I told her that he was not there at the time, and she asked if he lived at this address, and I informed her yes," Rick said. "She said she needed to schedule an interview" for Thursday morning.

The problem? Crush doesn't speak English.

In fact, he doesn't speak so much as squawk.

See, Crush is a blue and gold macaw. And, frankly, he doesn't have any interest in talking to the Census Bureau.

"I tried to tell her that," said Rick, "but she still had to come out and interview him."

It's easy to chalk this up to a clerical error. But what that error was, the Census Bureau doesn't know, or now won't say.

The regional office in Denver said they were simply following up on the address. Somehow, Crush's name got into their database.

"I have no idea. I know he didn't send it in," Rich said, motioning to Crush.

He doesn't even know how they got his cell phone number. He didn't submit anything to the last census.

And the 10-year-old bird isn't talking.

It may have something to do with a credit card: Rick got one in Crush's name to buy supplies.

Now the macaw is pre-approved for an AmEx too.

The census bureau figured it all out and canceled the interview before they drove out Thursday morning, but the whole thing left Rick scratching -- and shaking -- his head.

"Our tax dollars at work," he said.

Taxes Crush hasn't paid in ten years.

The Denver Census Bureau office told us Crush Johnson listed as a bird is not how he appears in their records.

Citing confidentiality, they wouldn't elaborate. When rick called, they really didn't tell him much more.

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