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Husband & Wife overcome paralyzation odds

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(KCEN) -- Less than one percent.

If those were your odds of overcoming something, how would you react? Would you double down or fold?

"Give up" are two words that are not a part of Liz Mitchell's vocabulary.

So when doctors told her she would never walk again, she said "you're wrong."

 Within moments of meeting Liz and Brian Mitchell, there is no doubt they're a perfect match.

 They don't disagree about much. Well, maybe about the day they first met.

"I did notice he was handsome but I also noticed 'who takes a whole table?'" Liz said.

"No, she was eye-balling me from across the patio," Brian said. "She was throwing the eyeballs."

"I liked him but I really wanted the table!" Liz explained.

Shortly after that, they began dating. At the time, Liz was living in Dallas and working as a prosecutor for the Dallas County District Attorney's office. Brian's home base was Waco, so weekends were spent shuffling back and forth to see one another.

A few months later came a day Liz would never forget.

 "It was a Thursday," Liz recalled. "August 16, 2012."

 But it didn't involve a diamond ring and Brian getting down on one knee.

When Liz came home that night, as always, her dog Roxy was there anxiously ready to greet her.

"I squatted down to pick her up and she just kind of nipped at my nose, a little love nip. And I leaned back and rolled right off the balcony and fell 16 feet."

 Liz landed on top of her head, and the impact shattered the vertebrae in her neck.

"Once I was in the back of the ambulance they had asked me to move my feet and I could not move my feet," Liz said.

 When Brian learned of the accident he rushed up to Dallas to be by Liz's side

 "All we knew was it was a really bad fall and it looked pretty grim," Brian recalled.

 Liz underwent surgery and was placed in a medically induced coma for 4 days.

 When she opened her eyes, a familiar face was there to deliver news that would forever change her life.

"He just very calmly explained that I was paralyzed and that I wasn't likely going to have any movement from the chest down," Liz said.

 But it's what Brian said next that impacted her the most.

 "Even if I was in a wheelchair it didn't matter, that he still loved me very much and he said you'll move to Waco and we'll get married. We're going to have a wonderful life," Liz said. "The last thing he said to me is 'you will use this to inspire other people.'"

Since that day, Liz defines perseverance. Words like "no" and "impossible" don't exist in her world.

Despite being told day in and day out that she would never have use of her legs, what happened next can only be described as miraculous.

"I took that video on my phone and I went to the doctor the next morning and I said 'Look at this! Look at this video of her moving her legs!'" Brian said. "And from that moment on they changed the course of her recovery."

Liz didn't take a second for granted. She worked around the clock on her recovery. Just four months after her tragic accident, Liz defied the odds and took her first steps all on her own.

"You have to believe deep down that you're just going to keep getting better and that it's never going to stop," Liz shared.

Living proof that anything is possible; all you have to do is believe.

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